What form am I?

Its nice to have a single piece of Javascript that you can use on all the forms you have in an application, but it can be difficult between browsers to get your Javascript to recognise what form it has been called from.

Here’s a simple solution.

Give your form a numeric ID. That way, you can pass the ID to a function that can then do whatever it is you need to do with the form.

For example:

<FORM ID=100 NAME=registration_form ACTION=index.php METHOD=get>

<INPUT TYPE=text NAME=user_name>

<INPUT TYPE=button VALUE=submit_button onClick=’submitMe(100);’>


Your submitMe() function then looks like this:

function submitMe(formID) {



And if you have more than 1 form in a page, you can use different numeric IDs for each form: 100,101,102 etc

Finally, you can of course give your form a contextual name as well as an numeric ID (eg. “registration_form”) so that you can also access the form components and values through the DOM, ie:

var userName = document.registration_form.user_name.value;