The Scriptalizer

Given the extended use of Javascript in today’s web applications, one of the best ways to improve site performance is to obfuscate your javascript before it is loaded into the browser.

Trimming white space and new lines can shave as much as 50% from your script file sizes, which can make as significant difference to the initial load delay of your site. is as good a solution as I have found for this acheter cialis sans ordonnance en pharmacie.

You upload your files, hit the button, and wham, all your beautifully formed javascript is compressed into a congealed, but wonderfully efficient, blob in a single file.

Only thing is that you have to insert a bit of logic into your code to load your human readable files in development and the single obfuscated file in Production, because you don’t wanted to have to repeat the obfuscation process every time you want to test a new piece of code, and you certainly don’t want to try and edit the obfuscated file by hand.