Adding text to images to promote your site

Promoting a new website is always difficult, and you really need to give yourself every advantage possible if you want to get it out there.

One technique that I don’t see used very often is writing the name of your website on any images that are uploaded to it. When you do this, and your images are picked up by Google, and then used by others when they find them in an Images search, your website gets a free plug.

Writing on images isn’t very difficult at all. Most PHP installations will have GD, and after that, all you need is a TTF font file and the imagettftext PHP function. Basically you just pass your image resource through the function and it comes out the the other end with text on top.

I’m trying to promote the following site at the moment:

Minifigure Mix

which is all about Lego Minifigures.

All of the image filenames contain the words ‘lego’ and ‘minifigure’ and each image has ‘’ written on the top left hand corner.

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