Stuff you can’t do with an iPhone: the definitive list

This is a list of stuff you can do with an Android phone, but can’t with an iPhone.

View Flash movies in websites

Use Bluetooth to transfer files or control remote devices

Connect to a Samba Network share to save your photos and videos

Take a photograph with a flash

Delete more than one photograph at a time

Mount your phone as an external drive to pull/push files to/from your PC

If you own a business and are looking for phone or internet solutions, no matter the size of it, you WILL be able to do a lot with

Buy music from someone other than iTunes

Install an application that hasn’t been approved by Apple

Use an older version of your operating software

Use an SD card to expand your storage capacity

Buy a replacement battery

Use a second, backup battery

Remove the SIM card without a paper clip

Turn on/off WIFI with a single key press

Use a standard mini-USB cable to charge it

Receive a WAP Push SMS message

Update your operating system without having to connect to a computer

Upload a file to a website through your web browser

Choose a different on screen keyboard

Schedule tasks to occur automatically eg turn down volume after 11pm

Customize your home screen

Add widgets to you home screen

Access more than 3 panels on your home screen

Control your phone from your computer

(Not necessarily something you can’t do, but one of the most annoying things about the iPhone is that its earphones don’t come with any sort of foam/rubber mufflers, which means that it you’re sitting beside an iPhone user on a train/plane/bus, you have to listen to whatever it is they are listening to.)

13 thoughts on “Stuff you can’t do with an iPhone: the definitive list

  1. enki

    not sure but also sending pictures/attachments while writing an email! You have to send picutres in another email !!

  2. adsasda

    mostly incorrent. you probably haven’t seen or used an iphone in your life. also, you have been living under a rock. c’mon, even the baterry stuff you say is fake, there are lots of add-on batteries for the iphone.

    and no, no fanboy here. i have one “android phone” and zero “iphone phones”. i could say tons of stuff that the android OS sucks on. TONS. it’s so bad that it isn’t even funny. why do i still have it? because it was effin expensive and the iphone costs even more around here.

  3. admin Post author

    Yes, you can buy an add-on battery for your iPhone, which increases its size by 50%. You can’t buy a spare battery that you can insert into the chassis. What other claims are you disputing? I will gladly update the post.

  4. Adam

    Wow you seriously need to do your homework I would agree with this article if it were 3 years old but if we’re talking about the 4s your a little misinformed

  5. admin Post author

    Sure, and if I remove the internal hardware from the phone and write some really cool, super software I could probably get an iPhone to fly to the moon and back.

  6. k dea

    I’m cracking up at the people who are trying to defend the iPhone but can’t really tell the author which claims he is wrong about. I didn’t know about the camera flash. Is that why my friends pics always look so washed out and crappy? Let’s not discuss their videos. Ugh!

  7. Klaus

    I’n not a fanboy but own an iphone 4S and I can:
    Delete more than one photograph at a time
    Shoot photo’s with the (led) flash
    Buy a replacement battery
    Use a second, backup battery
    Update my operating system without having to connect to a computer
    Customise my home screen

  8. SizZLeR

    For the battery part:

    Afaik theres a long way from buying a spare 4S battery to actually install it in the phone.

    This 5 minute long video shows how to replace the battery on the 4S:

    So most likely u wont find urself doing this unless the battery has been worn out, so u r still stuck with the need for a charger when u run outta juice.


    Well i think it also breaks the warranty, correct?

  9. Mick

    Wow. Some people are OK with having big brother do everything for them from wipe their butt to tell them what they can and cant do. I am Glad I have a Mind of my own!

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