On a Windows 7 support forum

Dude: “Hey guys! My <insert device name here> won’t work? Any ideas?”

MSCE_Legend: “Have you disabled you Anti-Virus software?”

Dude: “Yes. Doesn’t help.”

MSCE_Legend: “Did you download the latest drivers from the support site?”

Dude: “Yes, did that too.”

MSCE_Legend: “Its probably your motherboard then. I’d suggest you buy a replacement.”

<1 week later>

Dude: “Hi, me again. I bought a new motherboard, but it hasn’t helped. Any other ideas?”

MSCE_Dude: “OK, here’s what you do. Take the day off work. Back up all your software and data on DVD or some other media. Format your hard drive. Re-install Windows. Re-install all your software and restore all your data. That should work.”

<1 week later>

Dude: “Hey man! That worked! Thanks.”

MSCE_Legend: “No problem. Glad to be of assistance.”

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