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Adding text to images to promote your site

Promoting a new website is always difficult, and you really need to give yourself every advantage possible if you want to get it out there.

One technique that I don’t see used very often is writing the name of your website on any images that are uploaded to it. When you do this, and your images are picked up by Google, and then used by others when they find them in an Images search, your website gets a free plug.

Writing on images isn’t very difficult at all. Most PHP installations will have GD, and after that, all you need is a TTF font file and the imagettftext PHP function. Basically you just pass your image resource through the function and it comes out the the other end with text on top.

I’m trying to promote the following site at the moment:

Minifigure Mix

which is all about Lego Minifigures.

All of the image filenames contain the words ‘lego’ and ‘minifigure’ and each image has ‘’ written on the top left hand corner.

Web Design In Leitrim

I’ve had an interesting time recently trying to up the SEO ranking for my site. It did take up the majority of my time and a look into this useful reference, using which I mastered The Link Structural Approach. Undoubtedly it helped me a lot by increasing the traffic and score of my website. Here is how it all went:

On initial investigation kindly provided by this Web 20 Ranker service, I found that my website was appearing as result number 222 for the searches on ‘web design leitrim’, which was a bit of shock given that I’ve been working on websites in Co. Leitrim for 3 years. My PR function clearly needed a dusting down.

Setting to work, I found that one of my biggest problems was my use of a .com domain name in conjunction with a UK based ip address. This is a big no-no for Google when it comes to geo-targetting.

If your site is based in a different country to your customer base, and you are not using a TLD from the country of your customer base, Google will have difficulty in associating your site with your customer base, even if the text of your site contains lots of references to your own country.

To sort this, I moved my site to a server in Ireland, which brought my ranking up from 222 to 90. Still not great.

The next thing I looked at were the taglines in the sites I have created. There are 99 links to in the Google index, which should be more than enough to get decent results, but this wasn’t happening.

To address this, I changed all the taglines in the sites I’ve built from ‘powered by’ to ‘web design by’. Once these sites started being re-indexed by Google, I got another boost, up to about result 52.

This was still pretty useless, however, so more needed to be done.

At this point, I signed up for Google Webmaster Tools, and registered my site. The data that this gave back was reasonably useful, in that its diagnostics showed that I wasn’t doing anything untoward.

However, all of the data that it contained related to content on this blog, which is a separate WordPress installation to my primary site. I thought it was strange that Google wasn’t picking up any of the content on my primary pages (or pages, as it is a single page site).

I looked into this and to my horror found that there was a typo in my HTML. I had no opening ‘BODY’ tag in my HTML!!

As part of this fix, I also fine combed my HTML code to make sure all my alt tags and texts were very specific about ‘web design’.

More recently, I’ve also registered my business on the Google Maps Local Business Directory, which takes a couple of weeks to update.

I’m not sure yet to what degree these final view changes will improve my ranking, but it shows how my attention you need to give to these pursuits.

I’m also a bit worried about my use of a single page site for my content. Theoretically, it shouldn’t present a problem, but if fixing the BODY tag doesn’t improve my ranking, this may be something I have to come back to.


As of Feb 01 2010, is ranked No.14 on the SERPs for ‘Web Design Leitrim’. And we got that ranking with help of Miami seo!

Now for the assault on the summit!


As of Mar 01 2010, is ranked No.10 on the SERPs for ‘Web Design Leitrim’.