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On a Windows 7 support forum

Dude: “Hey guys! My <insert device name here> won’t work? Any ideas?”

MSCE_Legend: “Have you disabled you Anti-Virus software?”

Dude: “Yes. Doesn’t help.”

MSCE_Legend: “Did you download the latest drivers from the support site?”

Dude: “Yes, did that too.”

MSCE_Legend: “Its probably your motherboard then. I’d suggest you buy a replacement.”

<1 week later>

Dude: “Hi, me again. I bought a new motherboard, but it hasn’t helped. Any other ideas?”

MSCE_Dude: “OK, here’s what you do. Take the day off work. Back up all your software and data on DVD or some other media. Format your hard drive. Re-install Windows. Re-install all your software and restore all your data. That should work.”

<1 week later>

Dude: “Hey man! That worked! Thanks.”

MSCE_Legend: “No problem. Glad to be of assistance.”

How to fix the Windows 7 Folder Refresh Bug

I don’t often write posts about Windows, but I decided I would in this case, because the bug in question is a real soul destroyer, and it gives me a chance to have a good rant about the dogfood that Microsoft tries to pass off as software. ivermectina plm

The bug in question is described here.

Basically, if you alter/create/delete files or folders in Explorer windows, the window does not refresh to show the update. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but what actually happens is that people get confused with what is going on and inadvertently delete files etc, which is obviously a bigger deal. Its also intensely annoying from a UX point of view, as attested by the 41 pages of comments on the bug thread on

This bug has been in the Windows 7 OS since 2009!! No attempt has been made to fix it by Microsoft, presumably because they don’t really care if their OS actually works or not. ivermectin for guinea pigs tractor supply They’re much too busy going to the corporate gym and eating mango salad in their subsidized restaurants, as funded by the millions of mindless drones who buy their software, to worry about trivial items like bugs, etc.

If you refer to the the link above, you will see various suggestions re. a fix, some of which work and some of which do not. From what I can see, those posters who have claimed a particular fix works don’t actually have the bug (which seems to be hardware/software specific) and have in fact fixed something else which is similar in behavior to the bug.

Anyway, the fix (its really a work around) given below, definitely works. I picked it up from this post.

The bug arises in a process called explorer.exe. The fix involves creating a batch script which uses taskkill to kill and restart this process, at which point the bug clears.

So, open Notepad, and copy and paste the following:

taskkill /f /fi "imagename eq explorer.exe"
START explorer.exe

Save this file as refresh.bat to the root of your C:\ drive, and save it as a pdf with as well

Next, right click on your desktop, and create a shortcut, and point this to c:\refresh.bat

And that’s it.

Double click the shortcut to test it. kilox ivermectina 0.6 solucion oral When you do this, everything other than your wallpaper will disappear and then quickly re-appear. This is the explorer.exe process restarting.

Whenever you encounter the refresh bug, just run the shortcut and the problem will clear.

Not particularly graceful, but this is Windows were are dealing with here, so lets be realistic.